The Scramble for Home Grown Eggs

WITH food prices soaring more of us are growing our own food. Nicky Solloway looks at the new trend for keeping chickens.

The Henkeepers’ Association estimates that the number of householdskeeping hens in the UK has more than doubled in the past decade. B&Q also reports a staggering 360 per cent rise in the number of chicken coops sold in 2010 compared to the previous year.

But for those who weren’t brought up on a farm, where do you start? Step in Jane McAndrews, otherwise known as Mrs Cluck Cluck. From her home in the rolling countryside outside Aberford, near Leeds, she runs “hen parties” to teach people basic poultry-keeping. She also sells chickens and hen houses.

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Tired of the Treadmill?…Join a Green Gym

If the idea of pounding up and down in a neon-lit, air-conditioned gym leaves you in a cold sweat, why not jump off the traditional treadmill and turn over a new leaf at one of the growing numbers of Green Gyms sprouting up across the country?

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Take the plunge…swimming outdoors is the way to go

There is something deeply invigorating about plunging into icy cold water. According to a growing band of outdoor swimming enthusiasts, fresh, very cold water is an elixir of life. Diving into a river or lake and swimming through weeping willows and water lilies is a far greener way to swim.

Kate Rew of the Outdoor Swimming Society (OSS) is one of a growing number of swimmers who are shunning the cosseted and chlorinated indoor pool in favour of the great outdoors.

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