Does grammar really matter anymore?

Does grammar really matter any more? We’re all so used to shortcuts in Twitter, texting and on other social media, does it really make a difference if you miss out an apostrophe or mix up their and there?

As a professional writer, journalist and copywriter, I’d have to say, emphatically, yes it does still matter.

In fact research by reveals there is a strong correlation (though not necessarily causation) between writing skills, employability and your take-home pay. In other words, people who write better, earn better.

PrintI’m not a pedant or a member of the punctuation police, but I believe good grammar is still the bedrock of professional communication. Poor punctuation, sloppy syntax and missing words simply make the wrong impression.

You don’t need to memorize the unabridged version of Fowler’s Dictionary of Modern English Usage. In many cases just reading something over again or asking someone else to take a look, can correct the most damaging mistakes.

And knowing where to place an apostrophe or a comma really does help with clarity. In the words of David Marsh, style guru on the Guardian, an apostrophe means the difference between a company that knows ‘its s***’ and knows ‘it’s s***’.

Of course you could always get a professional copywriter to give your communications the professional edge. Then you really will look like you know your s***.

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